Mobile Broadband

  • Outdoor antenna options for reliability and for low signal areas
  • All mobile networks covered plus multi-network eSIMs available
  • Secure Private APNs for multiple sites & roaming devices
  • Professional installation available
  • 5G where available
  • Options for monthly, 12 month and 24 month contracts
  • Very low data usage packages at very low cost available
  • Multiple site with pooled/aggregate data.
  • Network extension in home & office
  • Vehicle and POD broadband options
  • Backup service available

Geo-Satellite Broadband

  • Main Satellite available in South East direction.
  • Contact us for alternative satellites.
  • Up to 50Mbps down available
  • Professional installation available.
  • Rolling month and 12 month contracts.
  • Vehicle mounted broadband options
  • Network extension in home & office
  • Backup service available

Low Earth Orbit Satellite Broadband

  • Latest technology for 2022
  • Low latency satellite and high data speeds
  • Pricing and specifications to be announced
  • Several providers soon to be online
  • Direct to home/office and shared community systems to be available


We proudly provide broadband services for many applications. We can provide permanent and temporary contracts as required. We can pool data across many sites in different ways as well as provide international coverage. With Private APNs we can bring remote sites, vehicles, CCTV cameras and mobile workers into the Company network for secure and integrated operation. Here is a list that link to details for some of the applications we support:


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